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The Magical Art of Jewelry Designing

The ARTWORKS of Jewelry Designer Cherrie Marie de Guzman- Ipapo
KARST ELEGANCE Bangle and Earrings

Jewelry designing is one of the traditionally exclusive lines of visual arts that has fascinated our world since ancient times. It belongs solely to the veritable and discerning lovers of beauty and to the particularly and immensely gifted. After all, not all the exponents of beauty and not all the artistically inclined can just take up the very intricate and demanding task of designing the most delightful and riveting ornaments to adorn the female and male members of the human society.

Jewelry designing is a monopoly of a chosen few, whose design concepts incessantly evolve and transcend time, conventions and preferences. A jewelry designer is fiercely loyal to his or her art and does not compromise and expound design concepts based merely on the established social mores, but on the ideas and inspirations that capture and fire the ever receptive intellect and vivid imagination. The jewelry designer conceptualizes and creates according to the generally accepted premise that the realms and objectives of the arts are boundless and eternal; that it is the infinite attributes of the arts that captivate and overwhelm the minds, hearts, and senses of humans.

One of the very select people, brimming with exceptional artistry, creativity, and talent in the exceptional field of jewelry designing is Cherrie Marie de Guzman-Ipapo, the In-house Designer of Orocher Jewellery. Cherrie Marie’s art is like no other in the field. She is the consummate artist, who designs and creates from the deepest recesses and corners of the mind and heart. Each design concept is a passionate and laborious interpretation and execution of the various, scintillating ideas, drawn out from wondrous, irresistible inspirations, and magically transformed into spectacular masterpieces, so remarkable in the precision with which objects in the imagination are brought forth into physical fruition and become real and tangible objects of beauty, which the human eyes can behold and the human hands can touch.

Our universe provides innumerable sources to draw inspirations from. Inspirations to design and create can come from the varied, magnificent splendors of Nature, from natural calamities, from the firmament and other features of the galaxy, from the heavenly, human, and animal forms, or even from the endless, unfolding dramas of everyday life. Cherrie Marie gets her inpirations from them and from life, itself.

She gazes all around her and instant, marvelous ideas may automatically cross her mind one after the other. It is in this particular, prolific mood that she wants to capture the moments. She gets hold of papers and pencil and starts to depict in vivid details the design concepts that are flashing so clearly upon her. She is at her most artistic and creative best in this very stimulating and invigorating mood. Orocher’s latest collections of ravishing Zodiac pendants and gorgeous men’s pendants and rings took her about three hours to design. Her arduous artistic and creative task does not end with her sketches.

The indefatigable and dedicated In-house Designer is particularly hands-on in every step of the actual execution of each design concept. She is obstinately resolute in seeing through every phase of the handcrafted jewelry creation. She is there during the different steps, even handling each procedure herself, demonstrating and coaching her skilled artisans on how such innovative concepts could be faithfully achieved, and guiding them successfully to the impeccable and satisfying physical fruition of the beautiful, magical ideas and images, which are conceived, perfected, and stored vividly inside her mind, and which she and Orocher’s equally dedicated artisans have transformed into amazingly fabulous, flawlessly sculptured masterpieces of art.

Cherrie Marie’s world revolves around her art and craft, which she has lavished upon with so much passion, love, and devotion. The entire body of her designs and creations is a lasting heritage of enormous artistic and creative talent, faithful dedication to beauty and excellence, and meticulous craftmanship in the art of jewelry designing; a legacy, which she hopes to leave to the world , like a painter of his paintings, as her own contribution and tribute to man’s relentless pursuits of excellence, perfection, and further advancement in creativity and skill in the arts and sciences, which continue to enrich and ennoble the enduring hallmarks of human civilization.

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